I been working as a graphic designer and production artist for over ten years. As a designer, I enjoy the process of researching, conceptualizing an initial idea and developing it into an original and coherent design. As a production artist, my goal is always creating the most succinct and accurate files possible. I have worked at over forty companies, acquiring varied skills that transcend industry; from entertainment to financial services and even non-profits, I am aware of the unique needs of each client, and will create collateral to suit. Social media, digital and print ads, billboards, bus wraps, books, brochures, interactive PDFs, html email, magazines, posters and web banners are just some of the things I can handle, with expert knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.

She has worked for entertainment companies like FOX and CBS; agencies like Art Machine, eclipse and Deutsch; corporations including Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Nestlé USA and AIG SunAmerica; educational institutions such as University of Southern California and the University of Michigan; and non-profits like Harlem RBI and the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Carrie is also a studio artist, whose work can be viewed here.

Please contact cr (at) carrierosedesign (dot) com for inquiries or to request a resume or additional samples.